About Us

We are a team of architectural technologists and visualization enthusiasts. We are fully commited to work with you and fulfil any request with quality and commitment.


Meet Our Team

Ervin Jesse

Ervin Jesse

Founder, CEO

Niloofar Mortazavi

Niloofar Mortazavi

Executive BIM Manager

Farzam Ebrahimpour

Farzam Ebrahimpour

Co-Founder, President

Samuel S. Alves

Samuel S. Alves

Design Consultant





Customer Satisfaction

The Process

We are fully commited to working with you every step of the way. Here is a complete breakdown of our workflow.

Step One - Concept

What are the main objectives of the project? All of the important questions are asked.

Step Two - Plans

We analyse your building plans and photos and set them up in our 3D environment.

Step Three - Implementation

We begin the construction of the virtual world using plans and photos. We export our 3D models into Unreal Engine 4 and begin to flesh out details such as lighting and materials.

Step Four - Final Checks

We conference with you either online or in person and go over the project to check for any final adjustments.

Step Five - Completion

We send you the visualization App, Image Stills, or Video to the platform of your choice.

Our Story

The Idea for EFX came to us two years ago during class in the fourth semester of George Brown College. As architectural technologists, we were tasked with presenting our Revit floorplans and designs.

We soon realized that the Revit renderer, while powerful, was lacking to say the least. As time went by, we started to invest more and more in our Revit and BIM abilities.

Eventually we came across a small 300mb Revit plugin that let us tour and render our projects in a first-person perspective. However, as great as it was, we felt that it still lacked some features that were important to us. For starters, you had to set it up and use it alongside Revit, the rendering time was not instant, and we felt that it still lacked the precise and crisp visual capabilities of a traditional renderer.

So, we did what any inspired individuals would do, and set out on a journey to create our idea of a perfect presentation package.

We began to realize our vision and what we came up with was the perfect balance of photorealistic graphic fidelity, instant rendering speed, ease of use, instant customization and a multitude of showcase tools. We wanted convenience and accessibility, so we had to make sure that our presentation app can be opened without any constraints to other apps, from a USB device, without any hassle or installation.  

We concluded that we would use and existing graphical powerhouse, the Unreal Engine 4, as a base to build our platform on.

We reached a decision to operate on a service-based model, to be able to provide deep customization where no two final presentation packages are the same.

We are privileged to have such influential and encouraging friends work with us on our journey.

EFX Studios

contact info

+1 437 370 9963

Toronto, Ontario Canada